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Professional Package

Simple. Professional. Affordable.

Audiobook Services

We charge a flat rate for any novel 50,000-80,000 words working with one of our standard narrators. You select your narrator from our portfolio, we take care of the rest.

This package includes full distribution to all major retailers. No hidden fees. No extra cost.


Audiobook Distribution

We distribute your book to all major retailers, and we send you a check! We take all of the hard work and management headaches out of distributing your audiobook. You can focus on marketing your work and writing the next book.

You retain the rights to your work at all times. No funny business.

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A la Carte Audiobook Creation & Distribution

Our audiobook package is a great fit for most authors. If your book is longer than 80,000 words, or shorter than 50,000 words, or if you have special requests or want unusual features, please contact us.

Many authors want to provide some parts of the production themselves. We're happy to work with you! The best thing you can do is to contact us before you begin, so that we can help you understand audiobook retailer's requirements. With a short, free conversation, we can save you a lot of headaches! Call or text us at 740-586-0746 today.

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Distribution Only

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Distribution is included for free, with no set-up cost, if you use Columbus Publishing Lab to produce your audiobook. If you provide complete audiobook files, our one-time distribution setup fee is $400.

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Custom Audiobook Creation

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If your book is too long or too short for our custom package, you'd like a very specialized type of narrator (for instance, with a specific non-American accent), or you have special requests, please contact us to put together a custom audiobook creation and distribution quote for you.

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Author-Narrated Audiobooks

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If you are local to Ohio and would like to narrate your own audiobook, we may be able to accomodate you! Please contact us for further information.

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File Clean-Up

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It's not uncommon for us to work with authors who have created their own files, but audiobook retailers are rejecting them due to quality or technical errors. We can help. Contact us to discuss having our professional audio experts clean up your files for distribution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most frequent questions that we receive. If you don't see the answer you're looking for, or you'd just like to chat with a friendly, helpful professional about the best way to get your audiobook to market, please contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

How much does it cost to make an audiobook?

Books of standard length and complexity can be produced and distributed for a total cost of $5,000.00. This includes professional narration, all formatting and editing, and distribution to all major audiobook retailers in a seamless, turn-key process.

If your book has special narration needs or falls outside average length, we can accommodate! Contact us today and we’ll put together a custom package that will suit your specific needs at a great price.

Who will voice my audiobook?

We work with a network of professional voice actors (male and female) who provide professional narration. You’ve got options! We’ll provide you with audio samples to help you choose a narrator that fits your book and preferences.

Where will my audiobook be available?

Depending on the channels you choose, you can expect to see your title for sale on:, Audible, iTunes, Amazon, Scribd, Downpour, Barnes & Noble, Nook, Overdrive (libraries), Hoopla (libraries), 3M (libraries), Baker & Taylor (libraries), TuneIn,, and more.

Who sets the price of my audiobook?

We’ll provide audiobook retailers with a suggested retail price, but each retailer has their own method for determining how they set audiobook prices. Many retailers price books based on length.

Can I voice my own audiobook?

Most of our authors find that it's simpler to draw from our Rolodex of experienced professionals to accomodate the needs of your project. However, If you are local to Ohio and would like to narrate your own audiobook, we may be able to accommodate you! Contact us to learn more about how we may be able to help!

What if I want to record my audiobook at home?

If you record an audiobook on an iPhone, voice recorder, or computer, it’s likely that the resulting audio files won’t be up to audiobook retailer’s standards. We hate to see authors spend time creating unusable files. Contact us before you get started and we’ll be happy to help you weigh your options.

I have an audiobook that’s recorded and ready to go. Can you help me get it into distribution?

Yes! If your files have been recorded and edited professionally, we’ll take your file and distribute it to all the major audiobook retailers in a hands-off process for you. Our stand-alone distribution fee is $400. If Columbus Publishing Lab is producing your audiobook, distribution is included for free.

How much will I make from the sale of my audiobook?

We upload our authors audiobooks into their own distribution accounts meaning you keep 100% of your net royalties for all audiobooks that you sell.

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