Book Release: Claire’s Voice

We are excited to announce the release of Michelle Fishpaw’s book, Claire’s Voice!

Imagine a mother’s horror when she finds her 11-month-old daughter suffering on the floor after being shaken by a babysitter. Against the odds, Claire Fishpaw survived and continually amazed her doctors. This book is the story of a mother and father’s inspirational quest to provide their daughter with a beautiful life filled with hope. Claire’s unforgettable journey is one miracle after another.

“This beautifully written book showcases Michelle and Jon’s unique ability to take a heartbreaking story and turn it into something positive. I commend their efforts in raising awareness for child abuse prevention, particularly Shaken Baby Syndrome.”

Marilyn Barr, Founder, National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome

Order your copy of Claire’s Voice from a major retailer or request it from your favorite local bookstore today!

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