Book Release: Professor Wiztinkle and Ginormous Jay vs. Fartina Stincovich!

We are very excited to announce the release of Jeff Pfeiffer’s latest book, Professor Wiztinkle and Ginormous Jay vs. Fartina Stincovich!

Blimps/dirigibles! Sewers, rats, cheese, and a mutant alligator! A flying van! A scorpion drone! Karate! A frikkin‛ Demolecularizer for crying out loud! Not to mention a robot dog versus a real dog! Who‛s got the better sniffer?

Are you sure you‛re ready for this? Okay, but it‛s pretty awesome, so I hope that you are truly, once and for all ready for this. What is this? If you have to ask, maybe you‛re not really ready for this. You are really, really ready, you say? For this?
Okay, okay.

This is the first of many stories about Professor Wiztinkle and Ginormous Jay. Who are they? You keep asking questions like you‛re not ready for this. I‛ll tell you anyway. They are a super science technologist duo. They live in University City and work in the science and technology department of O! State University, which lies at the heart of University City. When they‛re not inventing amazing inventions of amazement, they‛re called upon to be superheroes, if you will, to save the city and sometimes the world.

Professor Wiztinkle is a super genius and one half of the amazing duo, the other half being his super-science partner Ginormous Jay, a hyper-intelligent gorilla in a leather jacket and a unitard. Together they must face the villain of the sewers, Fartina Stincovich, as she and her cohort—Billy “Buttface” McFarter and accompanying stenchmen—threaten to drop dirty diapers into the Old n‛ Grungy river, and more terrible still, into University City‛s water supply!

So I ask you again: Are. You. Ready. For. This?

Order your copy of Professor Wiztinkle and Ginormous Jay vs. Fartina Stincovich! from a major retailer or request it from your favorite local bookstore today!

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