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The Deceived — Proving Press

The Deceived by E. C. Fisher is a work of dark, biblical fantasy. The book opens with the death of God, and then launches readers into an epic good-versus-evil story that pits the Archangel Michael against monsters, demons and Lucifer. Set in the post-apocalyptic landscape of the Rapture, Michael and his ragtag group of followers set off on a desperate journey to save the souls of all humanity.

The Deceived tells a story E. C. Fisher felt compelled to write. He wrote the book quickly, his manuscript taking shape around his own frustrations with the real-world troubles humanity grapples with today. After receiving favorable feedback from his peers, Fisher began the process of finding a publisher who would allow him to retain creative control over his debut novel, and his relationship with Columbus Publishing Lab began.

Fisher chose the Catalyst package–everything he needed for a professionally produced novel, with the extra support of a marketing foundation to help boost his work into the hands of readers. Learn more about publishing packages here. 

We got right to work. Fisher worked with an outside copy editor prior to contracting Columbus Publishing Lab, and so our first step was to take his raw manuscript file and create a custom interior design for The Deceived. Our designer chose an aesthetic to reflect the dark tones of the book, while maintaining a simple, readable layout.

Writers spend a lot of time in the worlds they create for their characters. Fisher wanted The Deceived cover to represent his ideation of Lucifer, and he provided detailed notes describing what he was looking for–down to the facial structure and hairstyle of his antagonist.  These instructions were then provided to one of our professional illustrators, who transformed Fisher’s words into a provocative, illustrative cover.

After the interior design was complete our proofreader combed through the manuscript again, searching for any last-minute errors, while also checking design elements like page numbers, headers and spacing. Our e-book designer then created a digital version of The Deceived that’s readable across all major e-book platforms.

While the book was in production, our web developer created an author website designed to be a tool to reach more readers, and a showcase for current and future work by E. C. Fisher. Built on a simple WordPress platform, Fisher’s website is easy to update, customize, and blog from at any time.

Check out E. C. Fisher’s author site here.

Given the thrilling story line and thought-provoking themes in the book, The Deceived was sure to garner some attention. But with so much self-promotion work needed to make even the most exciting new release stand out, Fisher enlisted the help of Columbus Publishing Lab to boost his marketing efforts in the critical time following his book’s release. We created printed marketing materials he could hand out at readings and conferences, helped with content creation, social media management, and acted as his publicist to help solicit reviews.

Learn more about our marketing services here.

The Deceived is distributed through our Proving Press imprint to all major retailers. E. C. Fisher collects a quarterly check for his sales, without the hassle of running to the post office, storing and warehousing orders, or paying for them upfront. This leaves him time to market his debut novel, and work on his second one.

Find The Deceived on here.

Throughout the entire publishing process Fisher had a dedicated point of contact to answer his questions and provide him with updates. He never had to wonder if his emails were being read, or if his project would be completed on time. This level of service is standard procedure at Columbus Publishing Lab.

Do you have a book that you felt compelled to write? We want to hear about it. Click here to contact us and learn more about the personal publishing experience we create for our authors.

Building Your House — Columbus Press

Shannon Upton is good at organizing. Really good. Whetherperf5.500x8.500.indd you’re dealing with a cluttered home or a cluttered spirit, Shannon’s latest book has tons of tips, tricks and anecdotes to help you straighten up your life.

We worked closely with Shannon and Columbus Press, the publisher of the book, to provide editing and production services for Building Your House.

Find Building Your House here, or ask for it at your favorite bookstore. 

As a speaker and author, Shannon understood how important it was to make sure her words would have a positive impact on her readers. Our developmental editor provided Shannon with the detailed feedback she needed to improve her manuscript, while keeping her message intact.

Following the developmental edit, our copy editor combed through Shannon’s text, correcting spelling and grammar mistakes, and standardizing the manuscript to a style guide. We worked closely with Shannon to ensure any changes made didn’t alter her intended meaning in any way.

Our team of graphic designers and book marketers gave Shannon’s existing branding an overhaul. The result? All of Shannon’s marketing materials, as well as her book design, feature a bright, modern take on her previous aesthetic. Her brand is recognizable to her existing followers, while still grabbing the attention of new readers.

In addition to the re-brand, our designers created marketing materials for Shannon that ranged from printed post cards to read-along guides and planner pages. Each time Shannon hosts an event, she has marketing tools at her disposal to keep her audience engaged, while simultaneously attracting new readers.

While our editors were proofreading Shannon’s book interior, our cover designer was hard at work developing a custom cover to fit the theme of home and family organization.

As soon as Shannon and Columbus Press were completely happy with the final product, Organizing You was distributed as a paperback and an e-book to all major retailers.

If you’re interested in a complete publishing package for your book, we invite you to contact us by clicking here. We work with small presses, professionals and individuals to produce fantastic books.

The Joy of Argument — Boyle & Dalton

Everyone has an opinion. Whether you use argument in your professional life, or you’re perf5.500x8.500.inddtrying to become better at everyday discourse, The Joy of Argument by Albert Navarra is a compact resource to help you get your point across.

Albert chose our Catalyst Package, which includes a full suite of publishing services, as well as a marketing base that includes an author website.

A professional copy editor got to work cleaning up spelling and grammar mistakes in Albert’s manuscript, while simultaneously standardizing it to a style guide. As soon as the copy edit was complete, our interior designer took the raw Word Document, and transformed the text into a professional book interior.

After the interior had been completed, an indexer combed through the manuscript, compiling a list of terms and page number references that would become the book’s index.

After the index was complete, our proofreader read through the manuscript a final time, meticulously checking and rechecking the text, interior design, and index references. After the interior was clear of errors, we created an e-book version, designed specifically to be readable across all major e-book platforms.

While our editors and interior designers were working their magic on the manuscript, our cover designer was working closely with Albert to create a custom cover design. We paid attention to styles the author preferred, and created an aesthetic that compliments the target audience of the book.

During the production process, Albert’s book was reviewed and accepted by Boyle & Dalton, our exclusive imprint reserved for top-quality books. Learn more about Boyle & Dalton here.

Our team of marketing consultants formulated a plan for Albert’s book that includes a personalized author websiteAs the book production was being completed, our web developers created a custom WordPress site for The Joy of Argument, giving him an easy, professional platform for promotion.

Check out our handiwork here:

In addition to his website, we created printed marketing materials for Albert, as well as setting up social media accounts for his book.

Thanks to our distribution services, The Joy of Argument is now available as a paperback and as an e-book from, as well as all major online retailers. Find a copy for yourself here. 

From editing to marketing, Columbus Publishing Lab can provide all of the publishing services you need to produce a professional book. Along the way, you’ll have a dedicated point of contact at all times. No waiting days to hear back from different representatives, no sending emails off into the void. We’re here to make this experience enjoyable for you.

If you’re interested in publishing your book, we invite you to contact us by clicking here.

Hagridden — Columbus Press

Hagridden is a newly released historical fiction novel by Samuel Snoek-Brown. Columbus hagriddenPress, the publisher of the book, uses the same team of editors, designers and marketing consultants that are available to you through Columbus Publishing Lab.

Hagridden underwent several rounds of developmental editing before copy editing took place. After that was completed, a team of proofreaders combed through the book, looking for any remaining errors.

The cover design and interior design were completed by a team of Columbus Publishing Lab designers. The custom cover design for Hagridden is considered our Premium Cover Design service.

Our team of marketing experts helped Columbus Press plan and implement a strategy to successfully get the book into the hands of readers and reviewers. Our web developer designed them a custom website to help promote and publicize the book. Check out their handiwork at We also assisted with the production of print materials, and social media integration.

The book is now available as a paperback, e-book and hardback on, and all major online retailers.

If you’re interested in producing a book like Hagridden, contact us. We’d love to answer your questions and learn about your project.

Capital Offense – Columbus Press

final_cover_LGCapital Offense by Kurt Stevens was originally published to the web as a serial novel, and then released by traditional avenues as a paperback and e-book on January 28, 2014.  Columbus Press, the publisher of the book, uses the same team of editors, designers and marketing consultants that are available to you through Columbus Publishing Lab.

Capital Offense underwent a severe developmental review process by editor Brad Pauquette, before a copy edit was completed by editor Lin Rice.  The proofread was completed by a team of proofreaders.

The cover design and interior design were completed by a team of Columbus Publishing Lab designers.  The cover design would fall under our “Premium Cover Design” services.

The website for the serial release of the book was designed by our team (web design services), find it at  We also assisted with the production of print materials, the creation of a marketing plan and a complete social media implementation.

The book, both paperback and e-book, are now available on  The paperback is available from all major online retailers.

Are you interested in producing a book like Capital Offense?  Please contact us to discuss your project today.

Best of Ohio Short Stories – Columbus Creative Cooperative

Best of Ohio Short StoriesBest of Ohio Short Stories: Volume 1 was released by Columbus Creative Cooperative in November of 2013, using the same editorial, design, marketing and distribution services that are available to you through Columbus Publishing Lab.

All of the stories included in this book underwent a developmental editing process and copy editing process.

Custom digital artwork was created for the book cover (Premium Book Cover).  The interior of the book was carefully laid out by an experienced designer.

In addition, marketing materials and a website (Author Special Website) — — were created specifically for this book.

Using the same distribution services available to you, the book is available from all major retailers as both a paperback book and an e-book.

Check out Best of Ohio Short Stories: Volume 1 on Goodreads and Amazon, or on the Columbus Creative Cooperative website.

If you’re thinking about self-publishing, you won’t find a better team of editors, designers and consultants than we have at Columbus Publishing Lab.  Our distribution services are top-notch and our pricing is fair.  Check out our self-publishing packages today.

Every client at Columbus Publishing Lab receives first-class, personalized service.  There’s no 1-800 number or general support e-mail.  When you use our self-publishing services, you’ll have a dedicated, knowledgeable single point of contact who you can call or e-mail personally.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Seven in a Jeep – Columbus Press

Seven in a Jeep by Ed GaydosSeven in a Jeep: A Memoir of the Vietnam War by Ed Gaydos was published in May of 2013, using the same editorial and design team that is available to you through Columbus Publishing Lab.

If you’re interested in self-publishing your book, you won’t find a better team of editors, designers and consultants than you will right here.  Our distribution services are exemplary and our prices are fair and affordable.

Seven in a Jeep underwent extensive developmental editing, before a rigorous copy editing process.

Custom artwork was created and digitized for the cover by one of our talented artists, and the interior design was executed for both print and e-books.

A website was created for the book –, as well as a complete marketing plan, including social media setup and management.

To date, the book has been warmly received, and is available from a number of Central Ohio and national retailer, as well as from all major online retailers (print and digital).

The same editors and designers that produced this book are now available to assist you through Columbus Publishing Lab.  Contact CPL to discuss your book project today.

If you’re thinking about self-publishing, contact us.  We’re happy to answer your questions.

Don’t forget to check out Seven in a Jeep on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and Amazon.