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Jenny Spokas — The Electron Package

We’re pleased to announce the release of Jenny Spokas’ debut book of poetry: Repairjen_cover_telescope_revised_small

Rediscovering strength and clarity through life’s trials is the theme of this inspiring e-book. Jenny put a lot of time, care and heart into her manuscript, and came to Columbus Publishing Lab looking for a way to share her poetry with others.

Find Repair here.

Jenny decided to release the book as an e-book only, and The Electron package was a perfect fit for her needs. We took the paper copy of her manuscript and converted it to digital files suitable for e-book conversion. From there, we incorporated some of the author’s photography, as well as artwork by her children. We worked closely with Jenny to ensure the ordering of the poems and artwork was just right.

Learn more about our complete publishing packages here.

We then provided e-book conversion services to ensure her poetry, photos and cover would look great across all platforms, and be compatible with all devices. Now that Jenny had a fantastic looking e-book, all that was left was getting her book into the hands of waiting readers. We handle the distribution of Jenny’s book to all major online retailers–leaving her plenty of time to work on her next book project.

A portion of Repair book sales will be donated by the author to the family grant at TACA to help families of children with autism.

Throughout the entire process, Jenny had a dedicated point of contact. When she had a question, or wanted an update, she had the cell phone number and email address of a Columbus Publishing Lab professional who could be reached right away.

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