Dear Disappeared Dad by Bette Millat

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Fourteen-year-old Amber Wilcox’s life is derailed when she finds out her mom has lied about what happened to her dad. Amber’s already hard-to-control temper goes into overdrive when she realizes her dad isn’t dead, as she has been told, but that he disappeared when she was four.

Amber is determined to track down her dad and demand answers. Her best friend, Chloe Maddox, agrees to help since she knows her way around a computer, the same way Amber, an artist, knows her way around a portrait. Together they combine their skills and develop a website to hunt for information about Amber’s missing dad.

Meanwhile, Amber faces mounting pressure at school as two former friends begin to bully her. When her temper snaps, she fights back and risks expulsion. As if a missing dad and two school bullies aren’t enough for one fourteen-year-old to manage, Amber’s family life begins to shift with each new discovery about her parents’ past. Her relationship with her mom is threatened—a rift between them caused by years of her mom’s lies.

Will the demands of trying to track down a missing dad send Amber and Chloe into dangerous territory (and back to the principal’s office) and push Amber away from her mom, or will the two friends stay out of trouble, solve the mystery, and heal the hole in Amber’s heart where her dad should be?

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