Favorite Stories — The Solution Package + Developmental Editing

Jim Flanagan and Frank McGarvey are storytellers. For over 20 years, this duo has been ebook_coverhelping youngsters see the value of reading and writing by spinning yarns in classrooms across Ohio. Favorite Stories is the latest compilation of their short stories, recently published under our Proving Press imprint.

Having already self-published with a big company in the past, Jim and Frank knew they wanted a more personalized experience when publishing Favorite Stories. Columbus Publishing Lab was able to offer the one-on-one interaction they wanted, and we sat down for a chat about their project.

After our initial consultation, Jim and Frank decided The Solution package best fit their needs. They also decided to add developmental editing to their package, and we got right to work.

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After reading the manuscript, an experienced developmental editor provided Jim and Frank with a detailed report containing recommendations to improve areas of concern. As a result, Jim and Frank were able to act on the suggestions of our editor to improve Favorite Stories before it was released. Learn more about developmental editing here.

From there, a professional copy editor went through the manuscript from beginning to end, correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes, while standardizing the text to a style guide.

As soon as the copy edit was complete, we moved into the interior design phase of the production process. We created a special aesthetic to cater to the young adult audience, while still maintaining a professional, readable interior.

After the interior files had been created, a proofreader combed through the book files, catching any last errors in the text or layout. We also created an e-book version of the book, designed specifically to be readable across all major e-book platforms.

Jim and Frank worked with their own illustrator to provide artwork for the book, as well as a cover image. We were happy to work with their illustrator to ensure all interior artwork and cover elements were formatted properly for print.

As soon as Jim and Frank were completely happy with the final files, we distributed Favorite Stories  in paperback and e-book formats to all major retailers. Jim and Frank collect a check, and we handle all the hard work. The convenience of our distribution services leaves this storytelling duo with plenty of time to visit more classrooms and tell more stories!

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Throughout the entire publishing process, Jim and Frank had a dedicated point of contact for questions and updates. They never had to wonder if their emails were being read, and a friendly Ohioan was available to take their calls every time.

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