Grab The Self-Publishing Handbook from Goodreads for Free!

Self-Publishing Handbook by Brad PauquetteIf you missed the Kindle giveaway, never fear!  Goodreads is now offering 5 paperback copies of The Self-Publishing Handbook: Five Key Steps to Professionally Publish Your Book for free!  Find the Goodreads giveaway here.

We’re still giving away free PDF copies of the book.  Find that offer here.  But if you prefer a hard copy, this is a great opportunity to grab one.

The Self-Publishing Handbook is a compact, practical guide to self-publishing the right way, and producing a high-quality, profitable piece of literature.  Brad Pauquette, the author, has worked as a publishing consultant since 2008, and helped companies at all levels of the publishing process to produce great books.

Brad Pauquette will also be offering a variety of helpful seminars in the Central Ohio area this month.  Find those listed on the Columbus Creative Cooperative website here.

If you’d like to discuss your manuscript and how Columbus Publishing Lab can help you produce and market a successful book, please contact us today or call us at (614) 441-9777.  We look forward to working with you!