Hagridden — Columbus Press

Hagridden is a newly released historical fiction novel by Samuel Snoek-Brown. Columbus hagriddenPress, the publisher of the book, uses the same team of editors, designers and marketing consultants that are available to you through Columbus Publishing Lab.

Hagridden underwent several rounds of developmental editing before copy editing took place. After that was completed, a team of proofreaders combed through the book, looking for any remaining errors.

The cover design and interior design were completed by a team of Columbus Publishing Lab designers. The custom cover design for Hagridden is considered our Premium Cover Design service.

Our team of marketing experts helped Columbus Press plan and implement a strategy to successfully get the book into the hands of readers and reviewers. Our web developer designed them a custom website to help promote and publicize the book. Check out their handiwork at HagriddenBook.com. We also assisted with the production of print materials, and social media integration.

The book is now available as a paperback, e-book and hardback on Amazon.com, and all major online retailers.

If you’re interested in producing a book like Hagridden, contact us. We’d love to answer your questions and learn about your project.