Jim Paoletti — A Practitioner’s Guide to Physiologic Bioidentical Hormone Balance

Jim Paoletti saw a demand for a concise, accurate guide to physiologic bioidentical Paolettihormone balance, and he wrote a book to fill that void. He came to Columbus Publishing Lab with a product, and we got that product buyer-ready.

Find Jim’s book on Amazon.com here.

This book is chock full of diagrams, to-the-point explanations, and formulas. Our interior designer organized those materials into a comprehensive layout that made it ideal for the target market: busy practitioners and pharmacists. The result is a book full of complex subject matter that’s easy to read, and easy to use.

Jim worked with an outside artist to create his cover artwork. We took that existing cover art and provided a cover consultation to ensure his book would be up to printer specs, and looking good when it hit the market.

We may not understand physiologic biodentical hormone balance, but we know enough to produce great books. Here’s what purchasers of Jim’s book have to say:

“Jim Paoletti has given a wealth of hormonal information in this book that is impressive. I have attended many seminars on the subject and it’s nice to have all the information organized and accessible in this format.”

-Amazon Reviewer

“Excellent reference for any compounding pharmacist working with patients in HRT. The information is clear and concise and direct…”

-Amazon Reviewer

In addition to the book production, Columbus Publishing Lab also provides Jim with distribution services. Jim’s book is available to all major retailers around the world, without the need for Jim to run around to doctor’s offices and post offices. We handle the hard work of maintaining the sale of the book, and Jim collects the check.

Columbus Publishing Lab works on all kinds of projects. Whether you’ve written a non-fiction book for a niche market, or you’re trying to get your life story out there, we can help you produce a professional book.

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