Ours Is the Storm: Boyle & Dalton

Ours Is the Storm is a newly released contemporary fantasy novel by D. Thoursonperf5.000x8.000.indd Palmer. Boyle & Dalton, the publisher of the book, uses the same team of editors, designers and marketing consultants that are available to you through Columbus Publishing Lab.

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Our team of designers produced the interior design of the book to ensure a professional, readable aesthetic across all print and e-book platforms. Custom cover artwork was provided by the author, which we adapted for print and e-book markets.

After the interior design of the book was complete, our professional editors proofread the book carefully to catch any remaining errors.

“There were no typos that I spotted, and I’m glad that the author invested in proper editing as the end product is very professional.”

-Reviewer at FictionGarden.com

Our team of marketing experts continues to work closely with the publishers at Boyle & Dalton to find new promotional opportunities for Ours Is the Storm, including an upcoming feature in 614 Magazine.

Ours Is the Storm is now available as a paperback and e-book on Amazon.com and all major online retailers.

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