Book Cover Design Services – Affordable & Stunning

Our book cover designers are the best in the business.  A live, professional designer, from our office in Newark, Ohio, will be assigned to your project to carefully take into account the type of book, the subject, and your input, to create a beautiful cover that you will be proud of.

We have a couple of options available:

Standard Cover Design – $299

These photo-based covers are simple and elegant. Provide your own photo (we’ll professionally edit and size it), or choose a stock photo from a group of samples that fit your book.  We’ll find a way to work the cover text into the design in a way that accentuates your photo.  This is an elegant and low-cost option, and it’s a great fit for most books.

Most of the books that we produce are our “Standard Cover Design,” and as you can see in our portfolio, they look great.

Premium Cover Design – Starting at $499 – Contact Us for a Quote

Our premium cover designs include custom artwork.  From photography and digital work, to oil painting, water colors or something really bizarre, we’ve got you covered (pun intended).

Our artists will create whatever you need.  No one will believe your book was self-published when they see it.

E-Book (Web) Cover Design – Starting at $149

If you’re only publishing an e-book, you only need the front half.  Sometimes it makes sense to go ahead and have the full print book cover designed (just in case you need it in the future), but if you’re looking for a low-cost option, this is for you.  This is just like our “Standard Cover Design,” but we only design and deliver the front half.

Not sure which cover design option would be best for you?  Contact us with all of your questions today.