Sparkle the Runaway Snowflake — Worldwide Release

We’re proud to announce Bette Millat’s picture book, Sparkle the Runaway Snowflake, is now available at retailers worldwide.

Grab a copy at a major retailer or ask for it at your favorite bookstore!

Little Sparkle is the youngest snowflake in a big family, but her parents are too busy to play with her, and her siblings want to go and hang out with their friends instead.

The North Wind decides to help her by blowing her far across the land so she can find friends to play with, but the North Wind blows her too far from home!

The Great North Star told Little Sparkle to look for her in the sky if Sparkle ever needs help, but Little Sparkle’s home seems so far away…

Sparkle the Runaway Snowflake is a delightful tale about the value of family with captivating illustrations drawn by the author herself.

Grab your copy of the book today, and don’t forget to support independent literature by leaving a review at your favorite retailer.

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