The Foreigner’s Tale – Proving Press

The Foreigner's Tale CoverJohn Scott Brinkerhoff has worked with our company before—The Cloud Fisher, a book of poems, was released on January 23, 2018. So when John was ready to publish The Foreigner’s Tale, an epic fantasy novel, he already understood the importance of having his book produced by a team of professionals who cared about his finished product, all while retaining creative control over his work. We were more than happy to deliver.

The Columbus Publishing Lab team proofread the manuscript, laid out the interior of the book, and built a beautiful cover that reflected the content and tone of John’s novel. We then handled the distribution of The Foreigner’s Tale to major print retailers. The resulting product is an artistic, accurate realization of the author’s intent for the book.

The Foreigner’s Tale is now available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble in hardcover and paperback formats, as well as available to brick-and-mortar bookstores around the world. John Scott Brinkerhoff collects a quarterly check for his sales, without the hassle of running to the post office, storing and warehousing orders, or paying for them upfront.

Throughout the entire publishing process, John had a dedicated point of contact to answer his questions and provide him with updates. Calls were answered or returned, emails were read and promptly answered, and a close-knit team who actually cared about his book brought the project to fruition. This level of service is standard procedure at Columbus Publishing Lab.

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