The Great Novel Contest Winner Announcement

Fellow Travelers by Jesse Bethea is the Grand Prize Winner of The Great Novel Contest 2019!

One of this year’s judges described the winning submission by saying, “Fellow Travelers is a fast-paced trip through time and into a world where everything has happened, is happening, and will happen. This science-fiction tale combines world-building and clever characters to craft a story that will keep readers engaged until the end. Amazing manuscript!”

Congratulations to Jesse! His hard work is paying off with a publishing contract through Bellwether, the publishing imprint of the Ohio Writers’ Association, as well as $3,000 in author development services from yours truly, Columbus Publishing Lab.

We can’t wait to help produce Fellow Travelers!

Becoming Nora by Margaret Kirby is the official Runner-up of The Great Novel Contest 2019.

Commenting on the novel, one of this year’s judges said, “Becoming Nora explores the intricacies and complexities of relationships. Through tight prose and exceptional character development, Margaret Kirby reveals how closely our identities are entwined with those we care about the most.”

Congratulations to Margaret as well! She has won $1,000 of our services to be used however she sees fit.

The remaining eight finalists will receive a letter of recommendation for agents and publishers, as well as a publishing consultation from Brad Pauquette.

All submissions were judged “blind”—no names, history, demographics, or identifying information was shared with the judges.

Learn more about The Great Novel Contest here, and mark your calendar for next year!